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What are the Benefits of Indian gooseberry and Echinacea Products?

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Many medicines are being introduced every day. Researchers are continuously discovering new sources of medicine. Save for a few really serious illnesses, you can find medicine for all illnesses you might be suffering from. Even more important, many of the drug manufacturers these days are turning to organic materials to produce better, safer and more potent medicines.

Generally the main source of medicine is living things such as plants, trees, herbs and animals. The most promising sources are plants like Indian gooseberry and Echinacea. The former grows in the Middle East, India, and some countries in Southeast Asia. In the old times people in these areas used in Ayurvedic medicine, a holistic healing system developed India three centuries ago. Modern researchers found it has properties helpful for treatment of various health problems including atherosclerosis , pancreatic pain and swelling, joint pain, diabetes, dysentery, osteoarthritis, cancer, obesity, skin disorder and many others. It is not surprising medicines derived from it are very popular.

Echinacea from this site is another one of those plants that researchers of pharmaceutical companies found to have plenty of potential. It is an herb grown in the Unites States, Canada and some parts of Europe. It was used by the native Indians and later by settlers to treat common colds, flu and infections. It was popular until anti-biotic was introduced. It is coming back, however, because anti-biotic is not effective against certain illnesses. Echinacea is used to treat throat and ear infections and urinary tract infections. Some people also apply it to treat skin boils, wounds, or burns.

While the benefits of Echinacea and Indian gooseberry products have been proven by various researches, you must know that both have side effects. Before you use any of these products, you should learn more information about them especially about the most effective administration and safe dosage. You should be able to learn everything you need to learn about them by reading articles written by medical experts. Other excellent sources of info are the websites of distributors and makers. They are required by law to provide info on administration, dosage and possible side effects. They are liable to face severe consequences in case they fail to provide information and something unfavorable happens to users because of it. Be sure to click here to know more!

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